JURNAL ARSITEKTUR – The Potentials of Tourism Product in the Development of Tangkiling Tourism Village in Bukit Batu Sub-District, Central Kalimantan as an Effort to Support Environment Conservation

Yesser Priono 1)

1) Dosen Tetap Jurusan Arsitektur Universitas Palangka Raya


Tangkiling village has been a rural area with natural, historical, cultural potentials, and local architecture to be developed as saleable tourism products for tourists. It also serves as a river adventure tourism gate, and presently it quite highly attracts tourists’ interests in terms of Rungan-Kahayan river adventure tourism. The less-optimally exploited potentials of Tangkiling village and lower community’s awareness in rural development and environment conservation of Tangkiling tourism village surrounding have been the main problems of Tangkiling tourism village, Bukit Batu sub-district, Central Kalimantan. This research, mainly, had 3 (three) objectives, namely, to identify (1) the potentials, condition and market of tourism products of Tangkiling tourism village, (2) to what extent the tourism product potentials of Tangkiling village had opportunity to be developed as tourism village, (3) which aspects of product development could serve as important instruments in supporting environment conservation efforts. Results analysis showed that (1) the potentials of attractions in Tangkiling village was sufficiently attractive as indicated from relatively higher tourist’s assessment on river adventure attraction; however, the quality of amenities such as accommodation, information center, and souvenirs were considered as less sufficient; while the quality of accessibility in Tangkiling village was  sufficient; the market in Tangkiling tourism village was categorized as natural in characteristics and it was for group tourism package; (2) the tourism product potentials of Tangkiling village had high opportunity to be developed as tourism village; (3) the aspects of product development capable to be important instruments in supporting environment preservation efforts involved those with environment education orientation and those with environmental friendly material usage.

Keywords: product, market, tourism village, and environment preservation

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