JURNAL ARSITEKTUR – The Different Air Temperature in the Shadowed and Unshadowed Condition (Case Study: Ci-Walk, Old Town, Semarang)

Akbar Rahman 1)

1) Dosen Tetap Jurusan Arsitektur Universitas Lambung Mangkurat


An experimental study has been the simulation of shadowing pattern of buildings line attributed to the comfort of pedestrian ways with the case study on ci-walk, old town Semarang. Since the pavement been made, there were only few pedestrian make use of it. These circumstances rises an indication that this pedestrian ways was not comfortable enough for the pedestrian due directly into sun radiation. It was believed that any barrier causing the sun radiation to indirectly hit the body would give some comfort for the pedestrian. This direct sun’s radiation barrier would cause some shadow patterns, where on the open space this pattern could be produced from surrounding buildings line. The result was, The unshadowed and shadowed air temperature give significant differences to the effective temperature value achieved. The most uncomfortable effective temperature was one that not shadowed by the building on ci-walk pedestrian ways, old town on Semarang.

Keywords: shadowing, comfort, pedestrian

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